Introduction: Coronavirus Face Shield

The Coronavirus has spread to all corners of the world and as a result, many people are looking for ways to protect themselves. This instructable shows you how you can make a Coronavirus face shield at home!


  • Pen or a pencil
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Dry-erase / washable marker
  • Sheet protector (The clearer the better)
  • Hairband
  • 3d Printer (If you do not have a hairband and want to print your own)
  • Measuring tape (If you need to measure the circumference of your head to 3D print the band

Step 1: Making the Shape of Your 3D Printable Headband

If you don't have a headband at home, you can always 3D print one. First, we will make a ring with the torus shape. Then take the circumference of your forehead all the way around and take that value and subtract 1 millimeter from it. Then divide that value by pi (3.14), divide that value by 2, and round to the nearest 10th. This will be the radius of your torus that you will enter in the radius box. Now you have a ring that will give you a snug fit!

Step 2: Finishing the 3D Model

All we have to do after that is cut part of the torus off. To do this, take a square hole in Tinkercad, place it at one of the ends like in the picture, select both of the shapes, and click group. This will make a shape just like a headband. Now, just 3D print!

Step 3: Starting the Shield

First, we will gather all of our materials located in the first picture. After that, we will take the end without the opening and cut a small hole just enough for our headband to be able to come out from.

Step 4: Making the Holes

After cutting a small piece out of the end, we will make some holes that will allow the headband to keep the sheet protector straight. To do that, we will take the marker and make dots just like in the picture. The dots are where the holes will be made. After making the dots, we will take the hole puncher and punch holes over the dots. Don't worry if it doesn't make a hole because it will not most of the time. Repeat on the other side. Now, poke the spots with the pen or pencil and make sure there is actually a hole now through both layers of the sheet protector.

Step 5: Adding the Headband

To add the headband, we will first take one end of the headband and insert it through the hole where we usually insert papers from. From there, we will take the headband out from the sheet protector at the first hole. The shield should look like the picture above.

Step 6: Continuing Through the Sheet Protector.

After the first hole, we will insert the headband back into the sheet protector in the second hole. Make sure the headband does not come out on the other side but inside the sheet protector instead.

Step 7: Finishing Inserting the Headband

At the third hole, we will take the headband out of the hole again. Now, all we have to do is insert the headband into the last hole making sure that it is inside the sheet protector and take the end of the headband out from the small hole we cut earlier.

Step 8: Finished!

Just adjust the sheet protector so it is in the middle and wear! You completed your own homemade Coronavirus shield. Thank you so much and stay safe during this pandemic!