Introduction: Cottage-ready Bird Feeder

Using scrap, salvaged and re-purposed wood, this bird feeder should be a big hit for the wildlife in cottage country.

It can be mounted to or hung from a tree or put on stand.

Within a few minutes of installing this feeder, we had chickadees, squirrels and chipmunks eating out of it!

Step 1: Cut Wood

Cut two side pieces of wood approximately 14" tall using the table saw or miter saw. Use the miter saw to create a peaked top to both pieces for the roof.

To create optional fancy side pieces, find scrap wood and create the same angle on the tops of them. Then draw a curve on each piece. Use one to act at the guide for the other 3 so that they are the same. Use the band saw to cut the 4 pieces.

Step 2: Glass Grooves

Use the miter saw to cut grooves for two pieces of glass to slide into on both sides of the bird feeder.

Cut the glass to size using glass cutters. The width of the glass will determine the width of the bird feeder. We cut the glass to be 16".

Step 3: Glue Up

Glue the side pieces onto the top of the bird feeder. Make sure the top is level with the other piece so that the roof will fit onto it nicely.

Secure everything with pin nails.

Step 4: Roof Prep

Create and attach four small pieces of scrap wood to be able to create a layered roof. Use the miter saw to create the angle in the top so it fits securely together.

Glue and nail these into place.

Step 5: Roofing

Add the bottom panel of wood for the roof by gluing and nailing it in place. The size of the roof panels should depend on the size of the feeder. We created a 2" overhang on either side using 16" pieces of cedar scraps.

Add the top pieces of wood once the angle has been cut to fit them snug together. Glue and nail.

Tip: lots of glue is needed for the top strip to create a good seal and prevent rain from getting in the seeds.

Step 6: Base

Add a base to the feeder. This can be any size. We found a scrap piece of plywood that we used to secure the feeder onto. Cut strips of wood scrap and nail them into place against the feeder to stop the seeds from spreading on the base.

Either attach a stand, hook or mount to the feeder depending on where you would like it to be.

Add bird feed and watch the wildlife come to you!

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