Introduction: Cotton Candy Frappuccino Recipe

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Cotton candy is one of my favorite treats (probably because it's just sugar) so when I found a Starbucks secret recipe for a cotton candy flavored frappuccino, I knew I'd have to try it out. Recently, this became one of Starbucks fan flavors so anyone could order it. Now, if you want this delicious drink at home, you can make it with this copycat Starbucks cotton candy frappuccino recipe.

This is basically, just a vanilla, raspberry frappuccino, but it does kind of remind me of cotton candy. Regardless of if it is cotton candy flavored or not, it is tasty and that's what's important. Plus, it's PINK, which is a major bonus to me.

Step 1: Supplies

This recipe is a single serving and makes about the equivalent of a 16oz Grande from Starbucks.

Ever since learning about this "secret recipe" I've been making it at home just with milk like I do any of the other flavored Frappuccinos, but when I looked online, I discovered most people use ice cream to make it. I think it tastes good with or without ice cream, but don't think it's realistic to have ice cream in a breakfast drink all the time. So, I'm providing you with both versions so you can see what you like.

Also, the ice cream version tastes more like a milkshake to me, which isn't bad, just not as frappuccino-like in my opinion.

Ingredients For Simple Version:

This recipe doesn't typically use coffee, but if you want to add any, just replace some of the milk with strong coffee .

Ingredients For Ice Cream Version:

  • 1 1/2c Ice
  • 1/2c Vanilla Bean ice cream (or more, just subtract from ice, however much ice cream you want to use)
  • 3/4c milk - use whatever you want, to get it a little big creamier; use Half & Half or whipping cream
  • 2tbsp Torani Raspberry Syrup (I put an equal amount of each syrup, but feel free to mix it up to get the flavor you want) - you could actually use more Raspberry than vanilla as this is going to have more vanilla with the ice cream in it.
  • 2tbsp Torani Vanilla Syrup
  • Simple Syrup to taste
  • Pinch of Xantham Gum (optional)

Topping Suggestions:


Step 2: Blend It

Blend it all up.

So pretty and pink!

Step 3: Serve It

Time to top it and serve it.

Topping Suggestions: