Introduction: Cotton Reel Holder

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Cotton Reel Holder

Cotton reel or a spool of thread... different country different name same thing. lol

This isn't as cool as the Batman LED or the Spartan sword however it is just as much fun, because there are a few things that need worked out. From size to how many cotton reels you want it to store or hold to the angle of the holder.

As this has no plans and is being made off the cuff as in looking at a picture and making the measurements and angles up as I go long. It is a difficult one to try and explain what I did, best way is to watch what I did on the video.

I made the angle of the stand 30 degrees and then cut 45 degrees on the actual strips the the spools are on. This way when the stand is on the table as in the photo the spools are not 100% vertical but roughly 15 degrees, and when you hang it from the wall the spools are at 45 degrees making it easier to take off and put back the spool etc.

You could easily make this so you can either just have it on a wall or free standing and not worry about the bolts to fold it away etc.

I used spacer blocks in between the different tiers (I believe 35mm) so they are evenly spaced. I was prepared to cut some off the top of the struts, but I fluked it and it was spot on. Sometimes you just win...

If your other half is into sewing or quilting then it is a nice project to make for her...


Apparently they are"cotton reels" ... I called them cotton wheels in the video ... see I don't know much about sewing...