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Introduction: Cough Drop Chai

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Do you have a cough but don’t like the flavor of cough drops?  Do you need the benefits of herbal teas but do not like the flavor of herbal teas?  Would you like the benefits of a cough drop or herbal tea without the overpowering flavor?  Read on to see my solution.

The Story
I bought an econo bag of cough drops, but after having 1, I did not want to have another.  I am not one to throw something out at first blush, so I put them on the back shelf of the medicine cabinet.  There they sat for almost a year.

A few weeks ago I had a tickle in my throat.  I pulled out the bag and thought; I will try them again.  They were not as bad but still left an undesirable after taste.  I put them back on the shelf and started drinking some tea.

I had a dry cough and it started to become worse.  I had read recently that honey helps dry coughs.  I thought about those icky cough drops.  I took a sip of tea and an idea was born.

The intent of this instructable is to
1)  provide an alternative to plain and undesired herbal flavored teas,
2)  provide an alternative to undesired flavored cough drops,
3)  provide a refreshing cough soothing warm feeling beverage,
4)  encourage you to engage in a Do It Yourself franchise and community.

Step 1: Materials

1.  Cough drop
2.  Tea bag
3.  Water
4.  Mug

Skill Level:

Time to Complete:
3 – 5 minutes

Step 2:

Add water to Mug,

Step 3:

Insert Cough drop into Mug,

Step 4:

Insert Tea bag into Mug,

Step 5:

Heat Water,

Step 6:

Tea seeps while the Cough drop dissolves,

Step 7:


Step 8: Summary

I am satisfied with the results.  I was able to use the cough drops and ease the cough.

The benefits of this are:
1. The heat releases the menthol so as I put my nose over the cup to drink I could smell the menthol vapors.
2. It added a little flavor to the ordinary black tea.
3. The combination of cough drop and tea soothed my throat better then just tea or cough drop alone.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! My little girl hates cough drops but loves herb tea! Thanks so much!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for reviewing and commenting. Sore throat and coughing season is upon us. Here is a new tool in your medicinal tool box for taking care of your family. Stay well.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I will have to give this a try. I hate cough medicine and cough drops. I will drink tea though. This might make it bearable. Thanks for sharing.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Sunshiine, you are very welcome. Please comment again whether a cough drop is bearable after dissolving in a cup of tea. Thank you for your comment.