Introduction: Countdown Timer

In this instructables, I will be teaching you how to make a countdown timer that will help control your time management in your daily life. The main inspiration came from this link. This countdown timer will basically be a four digit seven segment timer along with a button to help reset it to the value you started out from. The original countdown timer from the website I got my inspiration from had no outer casing, with wires sticking out in various places, so I added in a basic cardboard box and punched a few holes to make this timer more presentable. I also shortened the delay period between each millisecond, therefore making this timer more accurate than the previous one.

Step 1: Materials

1 Four Digit Seven Segment Display(I'm using the 5641AS model)

1 Push Button

1 Arduino Board(Any Kind Should Suffice)

1 Bread Board(At least a 14*30)

About 15 Hook Up Wires

1 10K ohm resistor

Step 2: Wiring the Countdown Timer

The wiring is relatively easy

1. First connect the wiring for the 4 digit seven segment display(Please refer to the notes posted above from the initial website)

2. Wire up the circuit for your button as shown in the picture above

3. You have finished your circuit, the end product should look like image 3

Step 3: Code

Below is the coding for this countdown timer:


Step 4: Congrats

Plug in your power source and upload your code and you have officially made your very own countdown timer!

Below is a video of my own project:

Countdown Timer Video