Introduction: Air Conditioning Assistant

While an AC is nice to have on during a hot summer, we always kick ourselves when we forget to turn it off when leaving the house, This Arduino project will help solve this problem once in for all, and you will never have to worry about forgetting to turn off your AC when leaving your house.



1 Arduino Board(I'm using Leonardo)

1 Breadboard

1 LED Lightbulb(I'm using the red color)

2 Precision Resistors

1 R

1 Photoresistor

1 Thermistor

Around 10-15 Lines

1 Tissue Box

1 Roll of Tape

1 Roll of Colored Tape

1 Piece of Paper

1 Pair od Scissors

Step 1: Creating a Photoresistor Circuit

Above is a diagram for creating a Photoresistor Circuit

Step 2: Creating an LED Circuit

Above is a diagram of a LED circuit

Step 3: Creating a Thermistor Circuit

Above is a diagram of a thermistor circuit(Note: I am using a photoresistor as substitute since the software doesn't provide thermistor in their diagram)

Step 4: Complete Circuit

Your final circuit should look like the two pictures above

Step 5: Upload the Code

Upload this code in the link below to your board

Step 6: Decoration

After you uploaded your code, put your board into a tissue box, and poke holes for the photoresists, LED, thermistor, and the USB Cable, wrap the tissue box with a sheet of paper, and decorate with colorful tape and seal with regular tape. It should look something like the picture above.

Step 7: YOU DID IT

Congrats, hopefully you will never forget to turn off your AC!