Introduction: Countdown!

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So I have been on this site for a while. Yet I have never actually put out an instructable! So I decided now's about time! Please forgive me for any mistakes or the inability to be able to understand what I'm explaining.

This is a simple card trick I regularly show, nothing to complicated. The observer chooses and memorizes a card. You then shuffle(force the card) into the deck. The observer gives you a number and you then count that number out. The end card is wrong. You act puzzled and the retry it. Voila! You just stumped your friends!

Step 1: Materials!

A pack of cards...

Step 2: Find a Victim...

Get a friend or someone you want to impress. Have them take a card from the deck (fanning them works nicely) and memorize it. Ask them to place it on the bottom of the deck

Step 3: Force the Card

I'm none to good at explaining but bear with me. Forcing a card is the art of making a card go where you want it, regardless of who's choosing it and where it's put. The force I use is called the "Hindu Force". Take the cards in your right hand and grab the bottom 3/4's with your left hand. Bring the packet in your left hand over the one in your right. Using your right hand, grasp the top few cards by the finger tips, then drop the cards in them after the ones in your left hand pull away. Continue doing this until you are left with one card, this may take practice.

Step 4: First Countdown

Ask your spectator for a number between 1 and 52. Then proceed to count that number of cards from the deck. Flip the end one over. If it will be wrong.

Step 5: Second Countdown

Mutter and grumble a bit when the wrong card appears. Pull the cards back into a stack, the card your observer chose should be on the bottom now. Hand the card to your spectator and ask them to try. They will count out the cards and miraculously the final card will be their's! Congratulations!

Step 6: Finish Off and a Few Tips

Many thanks to you for taking your time to read my instructable. I must remind you this is my first so please understand that the quality will probably not be the best. Please provide me with input (did I do well?). And as promised a few tips:

-Try not to make a show of forcing the card, do it discreetly. Opposing what you may think the force does look real and legitimate.

-If your spectator chooses one don't try to somehow do a second countdown. If one is chosen do not proceed to another trick, more often than not nothing can too what you just did.

-Do not attempt any fancy flourishes while doing this. It may take away the effect. Keep it simple and clean.

-If you are not comfortable with fanning the cards (in the hand or on a table) hand the pack to your spectator and ask them to choose a card, the proceed to take the pack back when they have chosen.

-Practice before performing. Some learn quicker than others but practice the techniques a few times to make the moves look smooth and natural.