Counting Change With Makey Makey

Introduction: Counting Change With Makey Makey

This project pairs the wonderful Makey Makey with a little counting change program coded in Scratch to enable students to learn about money values as they learn to recognize the coins.

The Scratch program could be remixed to include larger denominations or to have students determine the correct change for a purchase!



  • computer and internet to power the Makey Makey and run the Scratch program
  • Makey Makey kit
    • including alligator clips and jumper cables
  • copper tape or aluminum foil
  • cardboard or card stalk to make a "space bar"
  • toonie, loonie, quarter, dime, nickel, penny (yes - still need to practice with this coin!)
  • tape
  • scissors

Step 1: Set Up the Makey Makey

Use this Counting Change Scratch program (image #1 and #2) and connect the Makey Makey. This little program could be remixed by adding more denominations or by adding a way to make change for a purchase.

Connecting the Makey Makey (image #3):

  • red USB cable to the computer
  • space bar alligator clip to a space bar image (image #4)f
    • I made a Scratch space bar by cutting out an image, being sure to leave a tab at the top
    • I covered the tab with aluminuum foil, made a foil strip down the back,
    • and cut out a "space bar" place covered with aluminum foil
  • up arrow alligator clip to the toonie
  • down arrow alligator clip to the loonie
  • right arrow alligator clip to the quarter
  • left arrow alligator clip to the dime
  • w (from the back of the board) to the nickel
  • a (from the back of the board) to the penny
    • I used a jumper cable (image #5) to connect w and a to the alligator clip
  • one more alligator clip from ground for the student to hold while making change

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