Introduction: Country Bedside Tables Get a Glamorous Makeover for My Master!

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I found a couple little bedside tables at a thrift store for only $25 a piece!

Step 1: Prepping for Paint and Using Rustoleum

First I got out my sander, you can see they were already in pretty bad shape (probably from 20 years of people setting wet glasses on them) but I still needed to hit them pretty hard to remove all of the glossy finish and give my paint something to adhere to.

I decided to use Rusoleum because I had it on hand. The thing about Rustoleum however is that it is not like normal paint and takes some getting used to. It is also ridiculously expensive and I would NOT have used it here had I not already had some. It is VERY thick, imagine painting with black glue that sticks to everything and you’ll have a good idea of what you’re getting into with this stuff.

First coat always looks like hell and then BOOM second coat and it is just gorgeous.

Step 2: Completion and Adding Baskets for Storage

I did two coats of black Rustoleum (going right over those fake black “hinges” they have on their sides) and now I just love them. The little baskets make for perfect storage for me!