Introduction: Covid-19 Snood Face Mask

The face of the future

Step 1: Instructions for Making the Covid 19 Snood Face Mask (Thereafter Known As C.S.F.M.)

Step 2: Take an Approximate Sizing From an Ordinary Bought Snood; Remember to Leave a 1.5cm Seam Allowance When You Cut Out Your Snood Pattern.

Step 3: Cut Out the Back Pieces and the Top Half of the Front Piece and Put Them to One Side. Cut Two of the Lower Front Pieces, Leaving Extra Length As This Is Needed for the Pleats.

Step 4: Using a Disposable Pleated Face Mask As Your Pattern Pleat the Lower Parts of the Snood Mask. Your Pleats Should Point Downwards When Your C.S.F.M. Is Assembled to Prevent Waste I.e. Dust Etc. Getting Into the Folds.

Step 5: Find the Centre of the Inner Piece and Cut a Hole in It Leaving Enough Material to Hold a Disposable Mask in Place Once Inserted. These Two Pieces Should Be Sewn to Form an Inner and an Outer Piece by Laying One on Top of the Other and Stitching.

Step 6: Sew the Front and Back Piece Together.

Step 7: Finally Cut a Straight Line Just Above the Mask Piece on the Upper Portion of Material Used This Opening Will Allow the Mask to Be Flipped Up Into Place Thus Covering the Mouth and Nose.

Step 8: Finally Snood in Place and Tucked Comfortably Under the Chin

Step 9:

Tips for making the C.S.F.M. The material used must be stretchy and not prone to fraying. It would be preferable if the material were natural fibre to allow the skin to breath. The material should be fully washable. Just remember to remove your disposable mask before washing. One size should fit all and the design can be used with most standard masks.