Introduction: Covid Flyer

This is my covid flyer for sending your letters to friends. "flys 27 ft max"


Two rubber bands, plactis straw, paper, propeller, tape, hot glue, scissors,

Step 1: Tie Rubber Bands

Tie the two rubber bands to make on large looped rubber band

Step 2: Connect the Fuselage

Next hook the rubber bands to the propeller and string it through the straw. Finally put a piece of a popsicle stick at the end to hold the rubber band in a state of tension.

Step 3: Front Wings

Next make the wings by rolling up a 6 inch paper for supports. Then fold a 6x6 sheet of paper, you'll most likely have to cut a piece this size, and place your support roll in the crease. Hot glue it in place and tape the edges shut. Do this twice for two wings.

Step 4: Back Wings

For the back wings you will need to cut a piece of paper to be 11x5.5 inches and fold it hot dog style. Then fold again hamburger style. Then tape the edges like the other wings. finally fold the two ends in 1.5 inches.

Step 5: Full Assembly

Finally hot glue the wings on to your fuselage.