Introduction: Lawn Gnome Key Holder

Ever need a place to hide your spare key? Well, now you got it. A cute decoration that can hide your key. Introducing Lawn Gnome Key Holder. A cute gnome that holds your key. The gnome is hollow so there's space at the bottom for you to store your key. No one will know! My instructable is a remix because it's not just your average gnome, it can hide your keys also! How I made it different for your average Lawn Gnome was by making it hallow and finding another use to use it for besides just decoration!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

-3d printer

-paint ( crayons will also do)

-key to hide

-3d print filament

-3d program (website)

Step 2: Print Out 3d Object

use a website and find a gnome you like and print it out

this is the website I used:

if you don't like this style of gnome you could pick any that you actually like on this same website! Find which one fits you best!

Step 3: Make Sure Its Hallow

Make sure it's hallow so a key can fit inside.

(I personally did not make this myself. I went to my local librarian. So if you're not good at technology like me, just go to your local library (that has a 3d printer) and ask them to help you out).

Step 4: Color Your Gnome

Color your gnome you can paint it or color it, I colored it using crayons.

Step 5: Put a Key Into the Gnome!

Now you have your own Lawn Gnome Key Holder!