Introduction: Crack Egg With One Hand

container for egg with edge (a bowl or cup work great)

Step 1: Grab Egg

Hold egg in your dominate hand so the long side is cradled in your palm and figers are bent.

Step 2: Tap Egg

Sharply rap the egg against the edge to make a small crack in middle of egg.

Tip: Do not hit the egg too hard or it will crack open to soon. 

Step 3: Open Egg

Hold the crack in the egg over the container.
Slightly squeeze the egg as your thumb, index and middle finger move together away from your ring and pinkie fingers.
Your hand will slightly twist as the two set of fingers move in opposite directions. 

Step 4: Egg Is Out

Once the crack you are creating by pulling the two side of the egg apart the egg will fall into the container below.

Step 5: Congratulations You Just Cracked an Egg With One Hand!

Now go wash your hand because cracking eggs with one hand is messy.