Introduction: Craft Ribbon Holder

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I was tired of all my rolls of ribbon being thrown together in a box, so I made this nifty holder out of stuff around the house....

Old wooden closet rod
11 chop sticks
wood glue
spray paint


Step 1: Next...

First I cut the rod to the length I wanted, then drilled holes (at an angle) staggering them around the rod. 

I sanded down the squared ends of the chop sticks to make them a little rounded. 

Pour wood glue in the hole and jam in the chop stick.

Let dry and touch up around the holes with more glue.

Step 2: Lastly....

Spray paint the holder your color of choice. 

Drill a hole through the top and thread a piece of string or install an eyebolt in the top for your method of hanging.