Introduction: Felted Totes

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Two felted purses I made this year.  They are both lined, with a piece of plastic canvas in the bottom (under the lining) to help maintain the structure.

I used Patons wool yarn for the body and handles, Lions Brand homespun for the crocheted scalloped edging, and eyelash yarn.

4-24-12 updated:

I found my notes on the blue one: Sorry this isn't "real" knitting directions -I draw out a picture and count out stitches - sort of a knit by the seat of my pants kinda knitter.

Use size 10 circular needles and cast on 50.  Knit 46 rows.  This is the bottom.  Pick up 22 stitches on both short sides and 50 on the long side - you should have 144 on your needles.  Knit in the round in your base color for about 5 inches.  Switch to the cream and knit 2.5 inches.  Switch to the variegated yarn and knit for 7 inches.  Now switch back to the base color and knit 3 inches and stop at the beginning of a short side.  

Making holes for the handles:
Knit 3, bind off 3, knit 10, bind off 3, knit 3. Long side: Knit 12, bind off 3, knit 20, bind off 3, knit 12. Repeat for the other two sides.  Next row: Knit 3, cast on 3, knit 10, cast on 3, knit 3.  Knit 12, cast on 3, knit 20, cast on 3, knit 12. Repeat for the other two sides.  Knit all around about 6 more rows.

Make two i-cords: Knit 10 on 10.5 needles for about 47" .

Put the bag and i-cords in a pillowcase and wash on hot.  I usually put in a pair of jeans or a couple of towels in the wash with it.  I use about 1/8 cup of laundry detergent and let it run the whole cycle.  If it hasn't shrunk up as much as you'd like repeat the process.

For the blue bag I crocheted a scalloped edging out of Lion's Brand Homespun and a piece of eyelash yarn: I measured around the finished tote and made a chain that long holding the homespun and eyelash yarn together.  On row 1 I worked {2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc} in the sixth chain from the hook.  Skip the next four chs, and repeat to the last 3 chs, skip next 2 chs and dc in last ch.

Using a needle and thread sew the edging around the top of the tote, sewing the ends together.  Thread the i-cord handles through the holes, tying them together on the sides in a square knot.

Measure the insides of the finished tote and make the lining to fit, adding pockets for sunglasses, iphone, keys, etc.  Cut a piece of plastic canvas with rounded corners to fit in the bottom before sewing in the lining.  There you have it: a One Of A Kind Purse!