Introduction: Craft a Candy Sticks Box

Crafting fun stuff out of used materials for your kid's project can be very exciting. Here's a simple step-by-step process to create a box out of  used candy sticks. 

So here's what you need to make that colorful candy sticks box:

(1) Candy sticks
(2) Paints
(3) Paint brush
(4) Glue

Step 1:

Lay an old newspaper on a plane surface and place the candy sticks on it. Start painting the candy sticks in different colors. One should preferably use water colors. Make sure you use vibrant colors of your choice so that the final product looks bright and attractive.

Step 2:

Make sure you dry the colored sticks. Now take 4 odd or evenly colored sticks and start making the box. You should place the sticks in the shape of a square and glue the ends together. 

Note: Carefully use the adhesive only on the ends of the sticks. 

Step 3:

Keep stacking and gluing the sticks one over the other. Follow the same pattern to stick the sticks as you did for the first square.

Step 4:

Keep stacking the sticks on one another  till you reach the size of the box you would want. This factor allows you to create a box of your desired dimensions. 

Step 5:

Now let's make a lid for your colorful, artsy candy sticks box. To make the lid-

A)  Place 2 parallel sticks horizontally so as to match the box's dimension.
B)  Now stick vertical sticks on the 2 parallel horizontal sticks.

Step 6:

Now to make the bottom neatly glue up candy sticks at the lowest square layer. Make sure you follow the drill that we followed for making the lid for the candy sticks box.  

Once dry, put this handcrafted box for various uses. 
You can either use it as a jewelry box or store your kids favorite toys and much more. 

We used this box to store kids LEGO blocks.

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