Now that we're all used to storing our data online, we don't really need the CDs. We found a really cool and simple decoupage tutorial for all you guys to craft coasters using the old CDs lying in our cupboard.

Here's a list of what all you need:

1) CDs

(2) Mod Podge

(3) Colorful paper

(4) Paint brush

(5) Pencil

(6) Scissors

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Step 1:

Firstly, place the CD on the blank side of the colorful paper and with the help of a pencil trace the outline.

Step 2:

With the help of a scissor cut out the traced shape.

Step 3:

Now, squirt out a good amount of Mod Podge in a plate and apply some of it on the CD with the help of a candy stick or a sturdy spreader.

Step 4:

Now paste the colored cut out sheets on the CD.

Step 5:

Next to seal the paper and give it a sheer look, we need to apply 6 - 7 coats of Mod Podge on it. Make sure you do this over a period of few days. Let each coat of Mod Podge dry well before applying the next coat.

Step 6:

Its a good option to stick a little foam patch on the other side of the CD to avoid scratches. But if its just for home purpose you can skip this.

Your DIY coasters are ready for use. Voila!