Introduction: Craft Stick "How-To" Guides.

Hi, my name's Ethan Atwood (DOB: 11/10/1980) A few months ago I was filling out a stack of job applications and felt discouraged. I had no work, no luck, and practically no savings. That's when I looked around the living room and noticed the model boat that I had built out of popsicle sticks with my kids just a few days before. Someone in my brain flicked a switch and Pop Stick Fun was born.
Since that day, I've designed and built a few prototypes of different popsicle stick creations. I've built self-powered motor boats, tanks that shoot rubber bands, a three-foot model of the Trojan horse, and iPhone cases. It's really incredible what you can do with glue, popsicle sticks, and a little bit of work.
My business proposition is to sell How-To Guides. Owning a wooden model of a German tank is cool, but the real satisfaction comes from building the model yourself. For each popsicle stick creation, I design the model in 3D Studio Max then lay out a series of plans using Autodesk's Revit. These plans include everything from step-by-step instructions to carefully-sized rulers for cutting sticks to the correct length. The final result is a clear, easy-to-read guide that will take a family from package to finished product.
The hardest part of any business is getting started. The $25,000 will provide the funds necessary to purchase supplies, market the product, and feed my family while I get the business off the ground.
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