Introduction: CraftinGenious Returns! With the Best AFK Machine!

About: Sheep lay eggs?

Step 1: Hello!

I hope I haven't been too missed :P but yeah! Im back with this new afk slide! :D

Step 2: Di a 2x1 Hole With an Extra Bit at the End.

Step 3: Add One Fence to the Extra Bit.

Step 4: Put Water on the Non-Fence Block.

Step 5: Add a Random Block of Your Choice Where the Gold Block Is.

Step 6: Dance Around! and Have Fun!

Step 7: Thanks Doods :D

A great thanks to all you limpets who clinched on to me with the knowing that I WOULD be back! Thanks to all the people who keep up the great support and I hope that you will favourite this and comment some of your inspirational ideas! Laters, my friends!