Introduction: Crashed Ship

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This is an instructable which will show you how to make a ship that crashed into a rock

Materials required
1-Mini cleaning sponges
2-Lots of cardboard
4-Tissue paper
5-Small tip and Large tip black markers
6-Paper tape(On which you can paint)

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Step 1: Making the Base

Take 6 sponges and join them using a glue gun

Then take a scissors and trim the edges off to make it into a similar shape to the picture.(Like the shape of a boat

Step 2: Finishing the Base

Take a piece of cardboard and attach it to the bottom of the base as shown in the picture

Step 3: Making the Ship's Symbol

Take 3 pieces of cardboard and cut them into similar shapes as shown in the pictures and glue them one on top of another, to make a 3D shape

Step 4: Making the Ship's Decks

Take no 3,4,5 and 6 and glue them one on top of another,This is set 1
Take no 1 and glue it on one end of Set 1( this is the top of the ship)
Take no 2 and glue it on the other end of Set 1(this is the back of the ship)

and stick all of this on the ship

I'm sorry the picture is too small
if you want a bigger picture just give me your email ID in the comments section and I will email the picture to you

Step 5: Finishing the Decks

Take no 7 and fold the edges to make a kind of dome shape
Then take no 10 and 11 and stick them together to make a similar shape to the picture

And stick it onto the front part of the ship

Step 6: Finishing the Decks Completely

 Take no 1 as shown in picture and stick no 2 on the other side and no 3 on the top to make a similar shape as shown on the picture.

Now stick this pnto the back of the ship

Step 7: Sub Decks

Take 4 pieces of cardboard and cut them into siimilar shapes and all four of them should be a bit bigger than each other

1<2<3<4(if you label the diagram 1-4 from left to right

Then stick them together and glue them as shown in the picture

Step 8: Making the Edges of the Ship

Make upto 12 of these cardboard strips and stick them on the edges of the boat as sown in the picture.

Step 9: Finishing the Modeling of the Ship

Take your ship's symbol and stick it on the front of the ship
and take some paper and roll it into a tube and stick it anywhere you want(these are the smoke outlets of the ship.

Step 10: Getting Ready to Paint

Take your tape and stick it on to the sponge that you can see as shown in the pictures from picture 1 to picture 2.

Step 11: Painting and Adding Details

Paint the whole thing in white and draw small windows and doors with black markers.

Step 12: Making the Base

Take cardboard and cut them into shape

Then take tissue paper and make a big ball out of it and stick it somewhere on the piece of cardboard. and make small balls of tissue and stick many of them on the piece of cardboard

Then cover the whole thing in tissue paper
and paint it however you like but the water must stay blue and the big rock brownish.

Step 13: Finishing the Project

Take your ship and then place it on the rock as shown in the picture and hot glue it .
And you are done!!!

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