Introduction: Crazy Adventure to Makes Paper That Boils Water

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Follow me as I tell you how I made the 8th prototype of Scifi Paper Pan! It's my eight experiments already! πŸ’›πŸš€

Meh, i just wanna share my gruezome dayz here with you guyz. The video is there to explain how to actually make everything. In this post, I just wanna share you a life story of a trashy man, epic failures, his dreams, misery & rebirth, and of course, a Paper That Cooks Noodle.

I love you all even if I can't feel anything. Let's get started 😊.

Step 1:

why are you exist? why are we exist?

life goes up and down. survive. you'll see sunset. There, shine. all are nothing but symphony. all down's your life, they're just blocks that fills the hole in your epic vibes. in the end, you're a beautiful song πŸ’›.

do meaningful thing. help grandma on the street. help dudes. kill the world. no, heal it. evil, good, justice. let your broken heart be broken. challenge the world.πŸ’›

Step 2: Why I Included This in "Finish It Already" Challenge πŸ₯

I am the one of the world's most legend procrastinator ever. Every night, my sleep is brutal. Every clocking hour, my thoughts blast like storm of bullets. My passion crocks into a scorching desert. A kid crying deep inside, left in the void by psychopathic adult life.

Poor sleep, stupid schedule, ego, perfectionism, and dumb ways to die without deadline are the reason I feel these mundane sh*ts. I also never talk about how awesome my Paper Noodle Cooker idea. That's why i'm SAD! :D

I got lotz of problemz as millenial alien. Some these problems are exclusive to me, some are relatable to normal beingz. But no more retarded sorrow, time to fix my problemz! Holez in the past, let's duct-tape them! Starting with this Awesome Pepah Noodle Cookah I've been leaving for very long time!!! πŸ˜„

Thank you, the guy who propose this challenge. Thank you Instructable, for setting up this challenge. I now set "Finish It Already" as my wallpaper. You're all my legend. I'm gonna feel munchy-munchy if I lose later. But hey, I LOVE YOU ALL πŸ’™! God bless every kind soul on this planet πŸ˜ƒ!

Step 3: The Hero's Journey

Ordinary world -

What is my ordinary world? I remember this Scifi Paper Pan project began several months before the Corona break in Indonesia. I sat in a dark room, staring icely at the cutter on top of my wrist. I have a severe mental breakdowns & depressions right there. Everything looks dark.

Call to adventure –

I draw an anime girl to cheer myself up. She is a cute little sister who scowls, nags me, says I'm trash & lazy, and says she's disgusted with me until I get back productive and become a quality human being. She told me to take a shower, eat, get out of the room, exercise, stop complaining & really do everything.

After saying all that, she grinned. And smile sweetly.

Refusal of the call –

Bleh, I have to do this.

Meeting with the mentor –

I walked the snowy & white side of the mountain. The road is happily ice.

If you ask who's my teacher, I think it's "Why?" children book. It tells me a cool science gimmick once, "Hey, cook water on top of the paper and it will not bleb."

So I decided to follow his road & make my Pepah Cooker.

Crossing the first threshold –

Crazy Campfayah!

I spent all first-night preparing woodfire. BLAH! Life is not a Minecraft, fire’s dead in 5 seconds! I spent all night blowing that ice fire like HELL.

I must have great arm muscles now.

Tests, allies, and enemies –

I ice origami!

Origami work much better than papers stacked together. 1 Prototype moves to 2, forming 4, develop to 6. I origami a bunch of bowls. Stack a bunch of icecream sticks. Got headaches cos' late night experimentings. It's Ramadan now.

Approach –

Sleeps, sleeps, and sleeps. It's funny how simple things like messed up circulation crashes our whole life. I just "F * CK" and leave the whole thing.

Ordeal –

Achilles goes back to defeat his Monster! So do I! I came back, recorded the whole steps, made it a Youtube video. Ah ice, I stay all night again. I slay my sword across the whole thing. Hey surprise, I'm not strong enough. I think I've slay 40% of the monsters, but I still have some ways to go.

Reward –

I finished the basic form of this Instructable. Hey hey, at least we can cook warm water with this now! :D

Heading to Future –

I decide to settle back & head to my others epic adventures of Blender, Animes, and exams.

Future Resurrection –

Mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and Plaster of Paris create fire-resistant paper that you can soak in liquids 12 times lava degree. I'll use that to reborn this Scifi Paper Cooker somewhere in far distant.

The Future Resolution –

My dream comes true. I can Scifi Paper Boil the instant noodle that I've been keeping in my room for months.

Step 4: How to Make This Thing

Hey, this is still an Instructable!

Videos are sooooooooooooooooooo much better than texts. But, let me give you the magic of paragraphs.

I use hard paper across this journey:πŸ€—

1.glue some paper together. 5 is awesome. them evenly with something ultra-heavy. Table's great. Leave 4 days (or 15 minutes).

3. Nice, you got the hard paper. Use this thing across this project!

How to Make Scifi Paper Cooker:🍻

1.get papers and 50 sticks.

2. Paper that ultimately works is shredded paper that's mixtured with baking soda, vinegar, and Plaster of Paris. It can hold more than 6000 degrees Celcius which is about 11 times of volcanic lava.

But mine is simple (or I just lack knowledge+resource). Paper; oil surface on top to prevent leaking, and water surface on down to hold burning. These 2 things are applied across your paper's surface evenly with a brush (or your hand). Do them nice :D

3. Ok, great. Your oil-water paper is done.

Make origami bowl.

The water side of paper will become the outside of this bowl. The oil side of paper will the inside of this bowl.

4.stab the side with stick. Glue.

What side? The bowl side. That stick will become the place where your hand holds your Paper Cooker, just like real fry pan.


Why did you name this Scifi again?πŸ˜›

Cos i'm sci-fi mind, and this thing was candidate for Space Challenge. Let's fly to Cosmos! πŸš€

Step 5: How to Test This Thing

I don't want your Paper Cooker to bleb, I don't want your house to catch fire, and I don't want you to cry in sorrow. So:

1. Go outside. Get clay stove or campfire.

You normies don't have that. So use BBQ Grill. Portable stove is your last resort. Ahahaha 😫

Campfire πŸ”₯; cover the ground with rag, pour soils, stabs firewood, put something super easy to burn under. The key is to have every ingredient as dry as possible.πŸ‘

2. Prepare several Paper Cooker. Really.

That avoid shocks, and depression. It's super shocking seeing your only awesome Paper Cooker bleb into the abyss of your fire. Personal experience, ahahahaha πŸ’›

3. Get crazy?

I mean, you're cooking with paper. I love gummies! πŸ’šπŸ»

Step 6: Stay Safe!

I'm so happy if you're happy. So keep smiling.

Help peoples. Be caring. Kind, cares. Get ice. SAVE THE WORLD! πŸ’›

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