Introduction: Crazy Easy Kool-aid Slushy

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Since we cant really go out much this summer, I started reminiscing about my favorite summers and the things I could try doing at home. I remembered the summers when I was 11 or 12, back then we would go visit my gramma in Alberta. One day we went to the movie theater and I learned of my new favorite drink, the blue raspberry lemonade slushy. To this day I haven't been able to find it again anywhere in BC. So since I recently got some Kool-aid packets as a present and decided to try replicating it.


~1 cup of Kool-aid or any preferred juice

~6-8 ice cubes

~a blender.

(4tbsp to sugar per cup of water for the 1/2 tsp koolaid powder)

Step 1: Lets Make Some Kool-aid

Skip this if you want to use juice instead

If you plan on making a whole bunch of slushies I would follow the koolaid pack instructions.

For an individual slushy mix together 1 cup of water with a 1/2 tsp of koolaid powder and about 4 tbsp of sugar or to taste, " I like it quite sugary."

Step 2: Lets Make a Slushy

Okay so this is kinda too easy XD.

Put about 6-8 ice cubes in your blender, then pour your juice on top of the ice and pulse about 3 times depending on the strength of your blender until you get a yummy icy slushy.

Step 3: ENJOY

Simply pour into your favorite glass, pop in a reusable straw and enjoy inside or go outside if its sunny and get some fresh air.

Hope you have a yummy day.

~ Love Zöe

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