Introduction: Crazy Mini Magnetic Stirrer

I was planning to build those for a while now I got a chance to build one. So let's start building.


   -PC Fan
   -Neodymium Hard Disk Magnet
   -SPST Switch
   -Bunch of Round Magnets
   -Alligator cables (for testing)


   -X-acto Knife
   -Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue
   -Soldering Iron and Solder
   -Rotary Tool
   -Needle-nose Pliers

Step 1: Start Making Circuit

First of all I take old usb fan and try using it. But I discovered that it was too fast for this purpose. So I replaced it with brushless pc fan. It give perfect results.

Step 2: Preparing the Enclosure and Assemble Everything

I marked fan and switch on the box then I cut them with rotary tool. Then hot glued everything into the box and also hot glued bunch of magnets for water resistance . Next I painted the fan (Just looks good).

Step 3: Results (You Can See Better Results in 2nd Video)

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