How to Turn Old Bathroom Into a Lab

Introduction: How to Turn Old Bathroom Into a Lab

I decided to turn my old bathroom into a electronics lab. Before I build lab, i started to research university laboratories to gather the required information. Then I get some parts and start making.There are some basic steps.

        1.I remove the sink and place a mini desk.
        2.Make a cabinet and place it front of the toilet.
        3.Get some scrap wood and put it over the toilet and screw it to the cabinet.(I don't have enough equipment and money to remove the toilet)
        4.Add some tools and start making etching compartment.
        5. Use old toy to make it.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I just looked thru all your pics of equipment, and for some reason what I'm left thinking about is how, exactly, one removes a toilet. :)

    Good job with the lab. It looks good. But it reminds me how our hobby can look like so much junk to the uninitiated. I'm constantly trying to downsize my "lab."

    It's nice having a faucet right there, I bet. It would be even more awesome if the toilet were still functional. Wherever inspiration strikes, right? :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Now where did I leave that old bathroom?...I know I had one around here somewhere....

    Actually, removing a toilet is easy. you just turn of the water supply. Flush out all the water. Disconnect the supply line, remove two nuts, One on each side of the base. Straddle the bowl and grab it where it meets the tank. Take a deep breath, exhale and lift straight up and waddle out to where you want to put it down. (Before lifting something heavy, ALWAYS know where you are going to put it down and make sure the path is clear.) Alternately, You can remove the tank and take it out separately to lighten the load. But then it makes the bowl harder to carry since it will be off balance without the tank.

    Seriously, I think I would have removed the toilet and left the sink. It seems like running water would come in handy in a lab.