Introduction: Crazy Motor Car

Hi my name is Nageshwari from Whitefield nook.

Today I will show how to make crazy motor car.



  • 4 bottle caps
  • 1 straw
  • long pop stick
  • battery
  • switch
  • dc motor
  • 1 fan

Step 1:

  • Take a bottle caps ,1 straw and pop stick and do like a car wheels that was shown in first figure .
  • And fix a battery in the middle of the 4 wheels

Step 2:

  • And take a switch and fix the switch back side of the battery.
  • After that take a motor and connect the wire for that motor to switch .
  • Fix the motor front side of battery shown in the fig.

Step 3:

  • And fix the fan for that motor.
  • Then the crazy motor car will ready.