Introduction: F1 Electric Gear Car

Hi, i am Rafeeq from Whitefield nook. Today i will show u how to make F1 Electric gear car.



  • Cardboard sheet.
  • Switch.
  • 9V Battery.
  • Battery clip.
  • Gear Motor.
  • 2 Big wheels.
  • 2 Small wheels.
  • Noodle stick.
  • Straw.

Step 1:


  • Take card sheet and cut in a car shape.
  • And cut in with the help of scissor.
  • Take 2 motors aback of the car.

Step 2:


  • Take a wires and connect the wires to the motor.
  • And connect the small wheels to the motor.
  • And stick the switch on the card board sheet.

Step 3:


  • Take a noodle stick and straw and stick in front of the card board.
  • Take a 9v battery and stick on te card board sheet.
  • And connect the battery clip to battery.
  • And connect the wires to the switch.
  • when we on the switch the car starts moving.
  • Now the F1 Electric gear car.