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Introduction: Create an Animated GIF With an IPhone

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In this Instructable I will show you how to create an Animated GIF using an iPhone and the Gifboom application. GIFs are a really fun way to help your project stand out among other ibles and to help you explain your process with greater detail.

What is an amimated GIF?

A form of computer image that moves as an animation, because it consists of frames, like a movie with no sound. - Urban Dictionary

Wikipedia definition

Tools Needed:

  • iPhone - I used an iPhone 5. Newer iPods and iPads are also supported.
  • Gifboom App - Free from the iTunes Store
  • Tripod
  • Camera Mount - Examples
  • iPhone Headphones - I use the headphones that came with my iPhone
  • Subject Matter - Dice

Why Do I Need My iPhone Headphones?

When creating your animated GIF, you will want your camera to be as steady as possible. This is why I use a tripod and the headphone cable. The volume control on your headphone cable acts as a shutter release. When you press volume Up or DOWN it takes a photo. This is important to get really still photos so that your GIF appears to be seamless.

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Step 1: Taking Your Photos

Set Up Your Camera:

  • Attach your camera to your mount and screw to your tripod.
  • Snap your headphones into the audio jack.
  • Open your built in camera app.
  • Set your camera frame to SQUARE. This step works best with the Gifboom App.
  • Now set your focal point by touching your screen. Keep pressing the screen until the AE/AF LOCK icon appears (photo 1). Using the AF (auto focus) LOCK will keep your camera from trying to auto focus as you shoot your subject. This allows your subject to stay locked on the screen and to keep the frames from changing sizes and focal points.

Taking Your Pictures:

I decided to animate my custom valve cap screwing itself onto my tire stem as an example. There are a bunch of ways that you can use to illustrate your projects and ideas. I took about 40 photos to get the feel I wanted. The Gifboom application we will be using in this Instructable only supports up to 60 images.

  • Set up your first frame and press the volume button (once) on your headphones.
  • Set up your second frame and repeat.
  • Each of your photos will save to your camera roll in the order you took them.
  • Shoot up to 60 frames or until you feel you have captured your subject fully.

I posted the first 3 frames of my animated GIF to give you and idea of the sequence. The rest of my frames were created by turning the dice a little bit and then shooting a photo.

  • Turn
  • Shoot
  • Repeat

Step 2: Creating Your GIF With GifBoom

I used the Gifboom app for several reasons:

  • It's free
  • It's easy to use
  • It allows me to use up to 60 frames
  • It has a great community of users
  • I can download, email and share to my social media sites
  • It doesn't save to my iPhone 5 in the current version 6.0.8

There are a bunch of applications for creating GIFs in the iTunes store. I only have apple devices, but I believe these instructions can be used for other brands of phones and tablets.

Let's create your animated GIF: (use included photos above for reference)

  • Download and open Gifboom - HERE.
  • Create an account
  • Press the Camera Icon
  • Press the + Iconto use the photos from your camera roll - you can also shoot photos through the app
  • Import from photo
  • Click the photos you would like to use for your GIF. Be sure to click them in the order you took them as they are set in the order you choose
  • Adjust the speed of your photos and the direction they will be looped
  • Choose music, cropping or photo effects
  • Set your preferred title, group, location, hashtags, email and social sites. I prefer to send a copy of my GIF as an email to myself as it is the easiest way I have found to transfer to my Instructable
  • Publish to your profile

Step 3: 5SecondsApp - Animated GIF Creator

This app was recommended by a fellow Maker. I found this app very easy to use and didn't have to join a site or enter my personal details to create GIFs. The finished GIF saves easily to my camera roll, it's very handy.

Download the 5SecondsApp for iPhone for free, HERE.

User options:

  • 15 filters available - cool ones too
  • Free
  • No user community to rate or comment on your images - which is not a bad thing
  • You can add annotations - text
  • Upload 35 frames - which you can rearrange
  • Cropping is available
  • You can send via email and SMS, save to clipboard
  • Save as GIF or movie to your camera roll - directly
  • You can't add music - no biggy

Creating your GIF:

  • Open the app after downloading it.
  • Choose photos you have already taken or take them in app.
  • Select a filter if you find one that enhances your project.
  • Add annotations (text) to describe your GIF.
  • You also have the ability to add or remove frams in this next step.
  • Crop to size.
  • Share to camera roll or email as a GIF or movie.

This app is really easy to use and navigate and doesn't require that you are connected to wi-fi or data.

Step 4: Adding Your Animated GIF to Your Instructable

After you are satisfied with your GIF and have emailed it to yourself, it is time to add it to your Instructable. This step is the exact way you would upload a photo to your Instructable.

  • Start your new Instructable by selecting "Create" from the top bar.
  • Open the email that you sent yourself from the Gifboom app.
  • When prompted to add images, slide your GIF into the box.
  • Now drag your photo down so that it the first image.

Placing your GIF as the first file will set it as the default image. When members choose your Instructable, the GIF will be the first thing they will see. This moving picture can be very engaging and may encourage your viewer to continue to read your whole project.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. If you do create a GIF with these instructions, please share it with me by selecting the "I Made It" button. I would love to see what you create.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    great instructable but the music makes me want to break something...

    Dustin Rogers

    great writeup. I wasn't aware of the AE/AF LOCK so thanks for that.

    I use an app called 5SecondsApp that I use often to create GIFs from photos or videos

    Dustin Rogers
    Dustin Rogers

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I like the 5secondsApp because it doesn't require registering or signing in to anything. You can create GIFs and can then save them to your camera roll regardless of internet connectivity.

    Tater Zoid
    Tater Zoid

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Good lead, I'm going to download it now. Thank you.

    Tater Zoid
    Tater Zoid

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, innovator007. I love the GIF format and would like to see more members use it.