Introduction: Create Your Own Instructable

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Hi guys,

In this instructable I'm going to guide you through some simple steps to start a instructable profile and share your creations and ideas.

Step 1: The Webpage

Instructables is a popular website for a variety of fields .
let me say you how i discovered instrucabes.
im a engineering student , doing my bachelors degree in electronics and communication engineering.

so.....I like elecronics projects and i visit sites to do some projects as a fresh engineer , Instructable is such a website.

so starting with .........the Website of instructables


open using any browser (preferred google chrome)

Step 2: Creating Your Instructable Account

Just click on the Write An Instructable button on the top

Step 3: Creating an Instructable Account

So we are new to instructables, so we must create a new account in the instructables community.

  • click on sign up button
  • you will be guided to the next page
  • fill your personal details like your Username and email address
  • create a password, select your identity and country
  • enter your birth date and

that's it............

click sign me up

Step 4: Mail Verification

After you click that SIGN ME UP button......a verification mail will be sent to your email
open that mail and click on the link provided to verify your identity
all set now.
now you have just opened an account in Instructables

Step 5: Setting Up Your Profile

Now you can actually see your profile
Complete your profile by clicking in that COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE BUTTON

its just a casual form containing your profile image, location,website address(if you have one)
about you and your occupation.
most of these details are not mandatory.....but still filling up these details may help you , when you post your own instructable!
Customize your feed which is your areas of interests from which you can see new feeds on that stream.
when its done
your instructable account is ready
next few steps will show you how to create your own instructable

Step 6: Creating Your Own Instructable

Now is a series of simple steps
click on Write an Instructable button on the top of your profile
add the necessary photos and videos of your instructable
click upload and done
now the main page starts
this is the page where you actually create your own instructable
you instructable will contain an intro page, steps to follow . can add images to each of these fields, just by dragging down you pre-selected images from the top or you can upload your images and videos in the intermediate steps by clicking the +Add button
click on Full Preview button to see how your instructable looks like
if all set publish button

that's all about creating your own instructable

Step 7: End of the Beginning

and guys

This is my first instructable

hope this will be useful

Thank you guys