Introduction: Create Your Very Own Signature Artwork

About: Hello. My name's Arpan. At present, I'm an Aerospace engineering student. I love painting and making stuff.

Hello! If you love painting and may be dream of becoming an artist, you might have thought of creating a masterpiece one day. Okay, may be that's a little too much for a hobbyist, but you might want to have a signature art style at least. You know, a specific style of painting seeing which people can identify it was made by you.

That's exactly what I wanted to do when I first began bringing my paintings to the world through social media. So in this instructable, I will show you how I made almost unique kind of paintings even after having a little reference from the internet. Perfect for beginners! So let's get splashing colours!


Canvas/watercolor paper
Paint brushes

Watercolor/poster colours


Sketch pen

Eraser (not required if you're a professional :p )

Step 1: Choosing the Right Paint

It shouldn't be a hard task. You need to know what your paint should do.

For example, in my case, I want the paint to flow easily so that I get a splashy effect. Also it's very important to decide whether you want the different colours to blend with each other or you want a solid colour change. In my case I wanted it to blend. So watercolor is the best for me. You may use diluted poster colours too but water colours are easier to handle.
If you're scratching your head in confusion, let me make it easy for you.

Paint that flow easily -water colours

Paint that remain solid and punchy -poster/acrylic colours

This should be fine for beginners.

Step 2: Your Signature Move

Now you need to choose the theme. In my case, I wanted to make some kind of geometric animals, which I could find online. Some of these were pretty easy to sketch. These aren't uncommon but you can only find the outlines online. I just wanted to make some tweaks and add a splash paint.

I've attached a PDF with a few such sketches that I found.

Step 3: Get Painting

For my technique, I copied the sketch on a paper and cut it out along the outlines to make a stencil. Then I placed the stencil on a watercolor paper and painted inside it with a gradient finish. But if you remember, I said that I want a splashy and flowy art. So I used a hard paint brush to spray a little paint along the edges. A toothbrush can do a better job though. This is to be done after removing the stencil.

After letting the paint dry, I drew the geometric sketch on the painted paper with a thin black sketch pen. I made the border lines thicker because I think it looks kinda cool. I made a moon on top with the same method - stencil and paint. Finally a few clicks and hit the upload button on social media.

Step 4: Frame It!

This is a simple trick to make your friends praise your art. Of course it's not so unique to be patent-able, but still something that can provide confidence to a beginner. I have made a few more of these and honestly, I'm pretty pleased with how they came out. Thank you!

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