Introduction: Create a Brand

The brand we will use as an example is Flour Girls, which will be a cooking channel.

Step 1: Create Your Content

Experience, find your content for your website. My content was making different foods that people don't really think or unique foods. Then made recipes for each delicious creation.

Step 2: Find an Idea Browser

I chose chrome because that is the web browser I usually use.

Step 3: Website Hosting Service

I chose a wixsite and I also recommend it because it is easy to edit and create a domain name.

Step 4: How to Get a Website Off of Wixsite

Login to wixsite or sign up to wixsite.

Step 5: Fill Out Your Content

Write all about your subject, what it is about, how to do it. For my website, I wrote how to make all of the foods.

Step 6: Take Your Amazing Photos, Upload Them to Your Wixsite

Take all of your pictures of your content and what your website is about. Add pictures, to make your website pretty. For mine, I added all of the photos of the foods and all of the steps when we made them.

Step 7: Create a Domain Name

A domain name is you make a name that is you search it up on the internet your website will come up farther up on the list. You can also have #s on each post from your website so lets say that on your wixsite there was #pizza, if you search up pizza yours will come up. If you go on wixsite that will take you through the steps to create a domain name. Although this is useful, it is only free for one year and then you have to pay. This is why I don't have one.

Step 8: Congradulations, You Have Created a Wixsite!

Now all you have to do is kept posting more things to your website. Have fun with your new, amazing website.