Introduction: Create a Path for the Air

Before we complete the body we will create a path for the air to exit the balloon and be directed out the back of the car.

The air channel must start somewhere inside the balloon connector, since this is where the air will be coming from. The air channel can end where ever you think will provide your car the best boost.

While building the air channel it will help to know a couple tricks. You can make the body transparent and lock it so it is not selectable (this can be toggled anytime). Doing this will allow you to better position the air channel inside the body.


  1. In the Shapes panel drop-down, select Featured in the Shape Generators section.
  2. Locate the Purple Bent Pipe shape and drag the shape to the workplane.
  3. While this shape is selected you will see a number of settings that can be changed in the Inspector panel.
  4. Set the Outer Pipe Width to 3mm.
  5. Now use the sliders for the other settings to adjust the other settings to create an air channel that creates a path from the back of the car to the balloon connector.
  6. When you are happy with your air channel design select the shapes that make the channel and group them together.
  7. NOTE: Make sure there is a clear path through the channel for the air to escape.
  8. NOTE: Make sure the air channel doesn't break through to the axle opening or all the air will escape into the axle and your car will not move forward.
  9. Set the air channel shape to be a hole.
  10. Select the body and the air channel and group them into a single item.
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Step 1: Alternate Air Channel Paths?

Is this the best air channel path?

Before moving forward take a couple minutes to consider the following questions?

If you are working with others, discuss your thoughts on different designs?


  1. How is the air making the car move?
  2. Would the air exiting the car at a different location on the car?
  3. How does the diameter of the air channel affect the motion of the car?
  4. How does the shape of the air channel affect the motion of the car?
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