Introduction: Create a Whimsical Mad Hatter Teapot Lamp!

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Create a fabulous, whimsical, Mad-hatter inspired statement lamp!
Or several...dozen!

I love doing things in bulk!

Step 1: Collecting Supplies.

You will need teapots, teacups, saucers, odd little ceramic things...

 A lamp kit.  About $8 at Walmart.

1/2 inch Diamond Drill bit! (about $18 at the depot)

Hollow, metal threaded rod...for the center structure.
(I upcycled an old can too, unless you are a machinest!)

Light bulb and Lamp shade.

Spray paint

Vinyl decal...optional

Step 2: Disassemble and Drill.

Disassemble your junk lamp.  Keep all the pieces!
I bought so many broken lamps at yard sales and thrift stores...paid about 50 cents to $3 for each.

I took them apart mainly for the center structure rod.  It's a hollow tube with threaded ends on both sides...keep the nuts that thread on it too.
If you are or know a machinest, I bet they can put some fitting threads on either side of a cheap hollow metal rod.
Alas, I am fixing an old lamp and making it better!
But save all the pieces until you are finished, because you may need spacers and weights and stuff...

Because I bought old junky or broken lamps I replaced all the hardware.  Safety third--right?

Next.  The drilling.

Drilling glass, china and ceramics is very basic...seems scary though.

Take a baking sheet and place a bath towel inside it.
Place your plate, teapot, cup or saucer so you are drilling through the bottom on the towel.
Mark with a sharpie marker your center dot.
Pour water onto your "to be drilled" item.  The bottom lip holds the water perfectly.

To begin the drilling, you start slowly at a 45* angle.  When you have carved out a decent half circle groove you slowly bring the bit up straight and bore the hole all the way through. 

This took a lot of time.  Slowly and patiently!  I didn't break any glass!

Each piece just needs a hole straight through it...except your base needs a hole out the back for the wiring!

Step 3: Stacking Plans.

I took the freshly drilled pieces and stacked them up to see what arrangements I liked.
It was hard to decide because nothing matched!

So I took them out to the garage for their first coating of paint.  PRIMER.

A light layer of white primer on the teacups and some gray primer on the teapots helps tone things down!

Then I decided how they would stack up.

Step 4: Painting and Beautifying!

Then I spray painted the pieces I was using for each lamp.  The color and style is up to you!
If you are doing more than one...take some pictures, so you know how to reassemble them when they are painted!

I added some swirly floursihes I cut out of vinyl.  You could paint designs or whatever you like!

Step 5: Wiring...and Praying!

After the pieces are dry, assembling the lamp.

Start by putting your wires through the back base hole.
Put the threaded nut on the wire.
Insert your threaded rod inside the base.
Push your wires through the center of the rod until they come out of the top.
Secure the nut on the bottom threads.  Use some pliers to make sure it's tight.

Then stack your pieces up and up until you reach the top!
At the top, secure it in place.  I used a spacer from the original lamp that I tore apart.

Then the actual wiring.  Don't panic!
Thankfully the full instructions are included in your lamp to tie the wires, which one to hook on which screw...
I am not including them here, because lamps vary.  Just read your kit instructions.  It's easy.

Then pray.

Insert light bulb.

Plug in your lamp.

Switch it on!

Step 6: Ta Da!

You lamp is finished!

Now you have a fabulous custom Mad-Hatter Teapot Lamp!

Instant conversation piece.

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