Introduction: Dip Dyed Coffee Filter Paper Flower Wreath

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I love flowers and springtime...but I have major allergies. I am allergic to every flower which is so sad. I have learned to compensate by making my own flowers and bouquets out of paper! Papercrafting is the best solution for bright, long lasting blooms. Let's get started on these fun tropical flowers!

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Step 1: Supplies

Here's what you will need:

Coffee Filters

Food Coloring (get a variety pack like this for great colors)

Wax Paper

Water, shallow dish, disposable gloves

Stapler, scissors, hot glue/gun

Willow Wreath

Green Paper

Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine

Step 2: Dip Dying!

Pour a little water on some the dish and add a bunch of food coloring, like a teaspoon of the gel color. Mix it into the water.

Take a stack of 4-6 coffee filter and fold them in 4th's.

Hold right into the dish of food coloring water. Let the color seep and soak into the filter.

Then open them up and stack them right on the wax paper. Leave the whole stack together, they will be easy to separate after they dry.

Repeat the process over with the filters until the color runs out...then repeat the same process with a new color. Continue until you use all the coffee filters and you do all the colors you want.

Step 3: Cut Fronds and Ferns!

While the coffee filters are drying, get a variety of green shades of paper.

Use the Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine to cut out leaves, fronds and ferns. There are files available for use with Cricut Access, just search leaves.

The variety of green papers will give the wreath depth and interest.

Step 4: Glue Time!

Plug in that glue gun and get the willow wreath ready to fill.

Hot glue the leaves all over the wreath. Layer them, stack them, cut if necessary.

I turn my wreath as I work so there is not a "designated" top and bottom of the wreath, I want it to look good from all angles. Move the wreath aside and get back to the coffee filters.

Step 5: Cut the Coffee Filters

Check out this video on Youtube for the full flower making process.

Stack one yellow and one orange coffee filter, then fold it in quarters.

Cut the edge in little fringes, but don't cut all the way to the bottom.
Open up and set aside.

Stack Blue, Pink and Light pink, then fold in quarters like previously.

Cut the top edge of the filters in a scallop or heart shape. Open and set aside.

Fold one green coffee filter into 8th's. Cut the top like a leaf...leaving the bottom edge in tact.

Now you have an array of cut circles.

Step 6: Assemble Flowers

Stack the green at the bottom, then the scalloped filters, then the fringe filters right on top.

This gather part is hard to the video, okay!?Gather the 6 filters from the backside into quarters, then smoosh and fold together. Then staple once at the base about an inch from the center tip (about where my thumb starts).

Then open up the coffee filter flower and separate each layer of filter, starting in the middle.
And working your way to the last green filter paper.

Then repeat a million times!

Step 7: Attach Flowers to Wreath!

Now they are ready to hot glue on the wreath, right on the fronds and ferns...this will make the perfect tropical looking wreath--perfect for Spring!

Set them around and decide where they look best before you commit and start gluing.

After they are glued and set, it's ready to hang and enjoy!I love the Hawaiian vibe and the vibrant colors--use those gel food colors for the BEST coloring results.

Step 8: Enjoy the Tropics!

Hang up that tropical wreath and enjoy the vibrant colors and not having allergies! Win win!

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