Introduction: Create Creepy Dolls Without Destroying a Doll Collection

Let’s face it, dolls are creepy enough by themselves, they blankly stare off with their dead stares and smile at absolutely nothing, but as Halloween approaches, that blank stare is just not enough for a proper creepy display. 

If you are unfortunate to have dolls in the house and are not allowed to alter them because they may belong to your mom, sister, wife or grandma’s doll collection, you may want to add something temporary to them that is nondestructive and creepy.... like a mask. 

This instructable super easy and fast, using stuff lying about the house.

Stuff you’ll need

1. Aluminum Foil
2. Spray paint
3. Model paints or artist colors
4. Doll
5. Scissors 
6. Artist paint brush

Step 1: Select Your Victim

Choose a doll that has integrity.  Not talking about personality, although there may be some serious issues if your doll has a definable personality.  What I'm talking about is  structure.  The face should not be cracked or fragile because you will be putting some pressure to the face as you form the mask.

Step 2: Make the Mask

Cut a small piece of foil (enough to cover the face, neck and sides of the head) and place it over the face.  Start pressing the foil into the face making sure that the depressions for the eyes are captured; make sure the nose and mouth are properly molded.  If the doll has sleepy eyes….be gentle.

Step 3: Paint the Mask

I used several colors of spray paint to give some depth to the mask.  I had an off white color, sand color, desert yellow and red primer.

I used the off white to spray the entire face and used the darker colors in patches.

Once the spray paint dries, paint in the eyes and lips and let dry.

Hit the mask with the off white spray paint again.  Spray an ultra-light coat of paint;  the eyes and lips should show though but not as vibrant as before.

Step 4: Trim It

Trim the excess foil around the mask and fit the completed mask on to the doll.  The doll’s wig will hold the mask in place.   Both glue and tape should be avoided at all cost because it may ruin the doll's finish.

Step 5: Enjoy

Super fast.
Super easy.
Super creepy.

Life is good.
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