Introduction: Create Nuclear Meltdown Victims From Existing Halloween Decorations.

I was inspired to make a nuclear meltdown theme for this years Halloween decorations after finding some old barrels behind the bike shop. But what is scary about a meltdown without the dead bodies. I looked all over the place for related Halloween decorations but there are few if any. I decided to use some old decorations and modify them to fit the new theme.


I just wanted to add what else will go into the overall decorations.
The plan is to add what my wife calls my "Redneck Tiki Torch" which is simply a propane regulator attached to a valve and a long brass pipe with a tin can poked full of holes on top. It looks like a big ball of flames on the end of the pipe. in the grass alongside the tank will be an EMPTY, repeat EMPTY oxygen tank with the safety cap on it and another EMPTY CO2 tank. Inside the yellow barrel will be a green light with dry ice making green fog coming out.

If I can find one I plan on having a yellow rotating safety light, like those on top of a tow truck, flashing and that sound of an alarm blaring. (Same as the siren ring tone on the iPhone)

I will have video when it is all done from Halloween night.

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what I used but obviously any substitutes can be made.
1) Old decorations, in this case I had an old foam mummy and a cheap Ghoul from Rite Aid that has a motion sensor and noise maker.
2) Duct tape
3) shrink wrap (moving supplies)
4) pieces of foam
5) paint suits
6) rubber boots
7) rubber gloves

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces Ape Body Together

I began by cutting up some old pieces of foam I had in the garage which I had from a recent move. I then laid them out so I could tape everything together before putting the coveralls on.

Because the tape doesn't stick very well to the foam I needed to wrap the tape around the foam and multiple strips of tape. on each joint. With the mummy I didn't want to risk damaging it so I wrapped it in shrink wrap (I used the kind for moving but the standard kitchen wrap would work)  prior to taping the arms and legs to the body.

With the ghoul I didn't attach it to the foam body. I just had to attach the foam arms to the ghoul. The ghoul has wire arms so I cut a slit down the center and fit the wire inside. I used the shrink wrap to keep everything intact.

Step 3: Stuff the Suits

I don't have picks of the mummy but the process is pretty basic.

Step 4: Hands

I made the hands on the first one out of duct tape but the mummy was just going to lean up against the wall so I used newspaper in order to save tape. I stuffed the hands in the gloves first then pealed back the gloves and taped them to the body. It helps to make the hands longer so you have more space to tape them to the body.

Step 5: Add Boots and You're Done

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