Introduction: Creating Avocado Toast: This Is All About Making Avocado Toast. I Hope You Guys Like It.

The supplies you're going to need are cooking spray, 1 avocado, 1 egg and bread.

Step 1: Gather Up Your Ingredients. You're Going to Need Bread, 1 Avocado, 1 Egg, Seasoning of Choice, and Cooking Spray.

Step 2: Put the Bread in the Toaster and Cook for About 2-3 Minutes.

Step 3: After the Toast Is Done, Smear It With Butter and Let It Cool.

Step 4: Next, Add the Egg to the Griddle.

Step 5: Cook the Egg Until the Egg Whites Are White and You Can Put Whatever Seasoning You Want.

Step 6: In a Small Bowl, Cut the Avocado Into Singular Pieces.

Step 7: Mash the Avocado With a Fork and Put Whatever Seasoning You Like on It.

Step 8: Arrange the Toast on a Plate.

Step 9: Smear the Avocado Paste on the Toast.

Step 10: Slide the Egg Onto the The Toast and You´re Done! Happy Eating!!