Introduction: Creating a Model of "kinetoscope" T.Edison

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This year, a group of film historians, mechanics and engineers recreated in Kiev, Ukraine model "Kinetoscope" T.Edison. This is a working model in scale of 1x1 (120h45h68 cm). The format of the film - 35 mm. I want to introduce you to stages of creating the model.

Step 1. After making drawings we create a wooden hull. We used the 20 mm thick pine.

Step 2. We create all the necessary details. We started with the production of the film reels and their fastenings. In total, this unit is 18 reels arranged in two rows. They are required to move the film unit. Mounts were cut from steel. All the elements are assembled by hand.

Step 3. We select the gears and fixed them on a metal platform. It's a hard work. The gears must transmit the necessary speed of movement of the film and the rotation of of the obturator.

Step 4. Then we fasten the reel and a mechanical block on a wooden base. This is very precise work.

Step 5. We are working with the installation of the engine (not less than 50 watts) and fasten the electric wires.

Step 6. Check the movement of the film along a path. Check the engine and the operation of all mechanical components.

Step 7. We are engaged in optics. Create a viewfinder made of brass and is attached to the lens cover of the device.

Step 8. After all the tests and necessary adjustments we finally deal with case of the device design - painting, etc.

I must say that all jobs require a lot of attention and precision!

Now we end up creating a model of the device in 1x3 scale. Soon I will write about it.

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