Introduction: Creating a Story Board

Alright, so you have a million idea's, and you want to do something with them, but they're all rushing around inside that head of yours.
Well, look no further for i have the answer to your problems.
A story board.
i know it sounds very third grade, kind of lame, but it's really helpful to know exactly what you want to do, when you sit down to do it.
it'll help you get through your animation a lot faster!

Step 1: Materials;

Writing utensil,
something to write on,
all your ideas!

Step 2: Step One;

So you have everything you need, now you're staring at this blank page, a million idea's rushing through your head,
and now you have to decide which to do.
Well, start writing your idea's down! Before you do your story bored, you should brain storm up what you want to do,
write down your idea's, get them all on paper,
then pick the one you want to do the most!

Step 3: Step Two;

Your story board should go through exactly what you want to happen.
Not necessarily frame by frame, for that would take FOREVER, but it should be a clear outline of what you want to happen
within your animation. 
I'd plan out your beginning, middle and end before anything.

Step 4: Step Three;

Alright, so you have your idea, and your beginning, middle and end.
Now its time to really start your story board,
and its surprisingly super simple.
Just plan each event, whether it be in pictures, words, or both!
Go in order, and be creative about it! You don't need to do the same old thing every time!

And now, you're idea is all planned out, its time to put it in motion!