Introduction: Creative Drawing

Follow the steps below to make this drawing!



Step 1: First Step

Start with drawing out the face shape or structure. Make sure that the jawline is very defined.

Step 2: Second Step

Next draw an oval shaped ear on the left side of the face. Make sure that it is closer to the jawline and that you sketch lightly. Then shade in the ear to make it look realistic. To do this you add lines and shade in the ear.

Step 3: Third Step

After you are done with the ear, you can start with the hair. To make the hair, you have to do light and dark strokes and make sure that the tip of the hair is pointy to give it an anime type hair effect. Go around the head so that you can shape out the head.

Step 4: Forth Step

Continue shading and making lines in the hair to make sure that it looks at least a little realistic. For the hair in the face you could just swoop down over the face and make the ends pointy. You could also add random lines to make it look more sketchy.

Step 5: Fifth Step

Next you start doing the eye and the eyebrow. To make the eye you start with an open oval shape and make a circle in it. Then do the upper eyelid and shade in the eye. You could also ass small lashes on the eye. You could also add shading around the eye to give the drawing more detail.

Step 6: Sixth Step

Now you just add on the other eye and make it identical to the first. You could change the shading of the next eye if you choose to.

Step 7: Seventh Step

Next is the nose. This character has a bigger nose so you could start with making the nostrils. Once you have done the nostrils, you can then shape out the rest of the nose depending on how big you want it to be.

Step 8: Eighth Step

After you do the nose, to make the mouth you start with a line but make sure it’s now perfectly straight. Then do the upper and lower lip.

Step 9: Ninth Step

Now you can start with the body. First draw out a neck and make sure it is aligned with the jawline. Draw outwards and then down to make the shoulders and add detail to the shoulders so that it looks realistic.

Step 10: Tenth Step

Now for this step you can draw out the layout of the shirt. This shirt has a collar, pockets, and lines one it. The comes out at the neck.

Step 11: Eleventh Step

Finally, you add lines and dark spots all around the drawing to give it more detail and make it more realistic. For example on the face and on the shirt.

Step 12: You’re Done!

Your drawing is now complete!