Introduction: Creative Note Cards

Anyone can make beautiful note cards to send to loved ones just by gathering a few simple supplies and setting down to do it. Quick, fun, and your friends will love them! I won this paper ephemera package from A Very MaryA Very Mary last week and wanted to use it right away. So I made cards to send to my two best friends who live far away and I miss very much. I know they will love them.

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Step 1: Gather Paper Items, Cards, and Envelopes

If you are crafty enough you can make your own cards and envelopes. Me... I used Avery 3265 cards and envelopes that I had on hand. I gathered all the paper ephemera, lace, and anything else I thought I might use.

Step 2: Gather Other Necessary Items

Gather glue, water, brush, and scissors ready to create your masterpiece cards

Step 3: Placement Practice

I like to do a trial run with placement before I glue anything down. That way I can make changes if I need to. I also like to keep in mind the person I am making the card for; their likes and dislikes.

Step 4: Gluing All the Elements

Glue each element of your card one item at a time. You don't have to wait for drying yet. Some items require less glue, so I like adding a little water on the brush. Some elements like paper napkins can be tricky and tend to tear easily, but you can make it work. Don't worry about wrinkles either. They add character to your project. And I know your friends won't mind at all.

Step 5: Inside Design

I wanted to add something pretty to the inside of the card as well, so I found this pretty wrapping paper and cut out some flowers. Decorating the inside can add that extra little touch to your cards.

Step 6: Pretty Inside

See... It adds so much more. Now I am ready to write my personal message and send them off in the mail.

Step 7: Finished Cards

Here is the finished product and I know Karyn and Pat will enjoy receiving them in the mail in the next few days. Making them myself lets them know I care for them and am thinking of them all that much more special!

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