Introduction: Creative Way to Plant Carrots Using Coffee Grounds

One of the hardest things in effectively planting carrot seeds is making sure your spacing is correct. This simple trick helps to solve that problem while giving an effective pest deterrence, and source of nutrition for your carrot plants.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Pour Dry Coffee Grounds Into a Cup.

If you are reusing spent coffee grounds, you need to let them dry before doing this project. If you are using fresh grounds, pour them into a cup.

Step 3: Pour Carrot Seeds Into the Cup

Carrot seeds from within the last 3 years should be expected to be relatively viable. Seeds older than that also may still work, but perhaps with lower germination rates. Pour a package of seeds into the cup with coffee grounds.

Step 4: Add Radish Seeds (optional)

Radish seeds are a great companion to carrots. They grow quickly and will be ready to harvest while the carrot seedlings are still quite small. Also, the early germination of radish sprouts will quickly mark your rows, even when the carrot seeds have not yet germinated.

Step 5: Cover the Cup With Your Hand and Shake Vigorously

Make sure the coffee grounds and seeds are well combined.

Step 6: Spread the Combination Into Rows 3 Inches Apart.

The coffee grounds should give a good initial indication of where your rows are.

Step 7: Water Your Seeds

Carrots like to be wet prior to germination. Make sure to soak them thoroughly after planting and moisten them every 12 hours until germination.

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