Introduction: Credit Card Sized Deauther With Oled Screen

Fellow Secret Agents, here you have a Deauther: a very useful tool to keep in your pocket, maybe one day you need to disable a security camera, or a drone, or broadcast an emergency message....

Be aware of the legal implication: please use this tool responsibly and do not use it against others without their permission.

Step 1: Components

Total less than 5$:

  • NodeMCU clone
  • OLED 0,96 inch price
  • AMS1117 not really necessary since you can power from VIn (5V to 9V)

Recycled comonents:

  • USB cable (a broken one)
  • Cables (from broken LAN cable for rigidity)
  • 3 push-buttons (from old circuit)
  • Epoxidic glue (few drops)
  • Magnet
  • Credit card

Step 2: The Code

This project is only a iteration of the great original from spacehuhn:

You can find several tutorial in internet, showing all the possibles way to upload the code.

Anyway in my opinion uploading using nodeMCU-flasher is the simplest option:

Once you uploaded the code, you should be able to connect to the NodeMCU and activate the screen......

Step 3: The Circuit

As simple as detailed in the images.

You can connect ground to any of the ground pins.

There are several option to how to power the board: Usb , VIn pin, 3,3V.

Step 4: Glue It Together and Go

Please keep in mind that when you are connected remotely to the board the screen does not work.

Get a computer, phone or tablet and scan for the WiFi network pwned. Connect it with the password deauther.
Once connected go to the ip It may take a minute to load for the first time. You will see a web interface, and you'll need to read and accept the agreements.


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