Introduction: Creep Out Your Friends With SOUND!! and an Arduino

tOday I wIll be showing you how to creep the heck out of your friends for Halloween using an arduino

The way which we will be doing this is to make the arduino play a sound file(.wav) This isnt going to be any sound it is the very spooky and weird 18hz sound which you worst case scenario give you hallucinations More coming up mwuhahahahah Happy Halloween every body

Step 1: Get the Parts Ready

First make this instrutable which im not taking credit for its a very cool instructable about how to make your arduino play a wav file

its made by HUSHAM SAMIR


here are the parts

1- Arduino Nano V3.0 (I used the chines version called Funduino Nano).
2- SD card Module. 3- SD card. 4- Bread Board. 5- four push Button . 6- four 22K resistors. 7- one 4.7K resistor. 8- BC546B NPN transistor. 9- Speaker. 10- wires.

1- Format SD card

use the schematic above

install this library

it only works with arduino ide 1.0.5 so downgrade or download the old version

Download the attached file and open it with arduino sketch

Step 2: The Intersting Part

The sound we will be playing is a 18hz sine or triangular infrasound wave

The range of infrasound
is generally accepted to be between 0-20 hertz with a specific area of interest between 17 and 19 hertz. Tests by NASA have revealed that the human eyeball resonates at around 18Hz, to which infrasound exposure may cause a reaction and lead to hallucinations.

Infrasound occurs quite naturally at some locations and possible causes include storms, earthquakes, waterfalls, volcanoes, ocean waves and wind reacting with structures such as chimneys. Some buildings or natural features can act as Helmholtz resonators and create infrasound at high levels. Ancient places of worship or ceremonial burial such as the Maeshowe mound in Orkney, have been shown to act in this way. Some animals are sensitive to these low frequency vibrations and may appear to "foresee" approaching storms and earthquakes. Elephants are known to use infrasound as a form of communication over long distances.

SO LETS SPOOK SOME PEOPLE File for sound is below

Step 3: Now Keep the Arduino...

conceal the arduino in a pumpkin and you are ready to go spook your friends for halloween

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