Introduction: Creepy Portrait With Moving Eyes

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Want to creep out guests in a subtle yet disturbing way? Follow this Instructable and make any painting look like there is somebody lurking behind it watching the room!

Step 1: Marking and Cutting the Eyeholes

Step 2: Eye Positioning

Make sure your DPF fits inside the frame, you want it to press against the back side of the canvas.

Measure the actual size of your DPF screen. Mine was 6 3/8'' x 4 3/4''.

Step 3: Photograph Your Face

Set up your camera on a tripod or other solid object so it won't move between pictures.

Take some pictures of your face with your eyes looking in a different direction on each picture. Make sure your face stays the same distance from the camera between shots.

When the screen plays a slideshow of the different pictures it will look like your eyes are looking around the room!

Step 4: Photoshop

My girlfriend Rebecca did this part so I'll let her explain it:

I lined up the digital picture frame behind the painting, so I can see where the cut out eyes appear on the screen. Then I VERY LIGHTLY stuck some tape through the holes onto the surface of the screen so I can have a visual on where those eyes are supposed to appear.
Then I measured the screen so I knew what size the image area should be in Photoshop. The photo might be much bigger than the image area I specified, but you can enlarge the size of the image area to fill the photo as long as the dimensions remain proportionate.
Then I loaded the photos and visually tilted he photo the way the tape indicated. Once the photo was the right tilt and size, I made Photoshop layers for each of the other photos and lined them up by making them semi transparent. Once lined up, I brought the transparency back up to 100 percent, flattened each layer and saved them as .jpegs.

After that's all done, load the pictures in the order you want them onto your DPF.

Step 5: Mounting

With the picture on, hold the DPF in the position you want it to stay and mark the bottom edge.

Hang the DPF on the crossbar using the keyhole slot in the back.

Position it so the bottom edge lines up with you mark and then screw it in place.

Hopefully your DPF has a keyhole slot on the back, it makes the mounting really easy! If not, you can add blocks to support it underneath as well as the cross bar on the back to keep it in place.

Now hang it on the wall and freak people out! It looks best if you hang it on an interior wall where there might be room for a person behind it(like the outside of a closet wall).

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