Introduction: Creepy Stand-up Skeleton Prop

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I built this guy a while back and lovingly nicknamed him Bob. His out-of proportion body kind of reminds me of the art style of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (it was a book series before it was a movie). This is just a simple and fun build that is sure to get some scares and laughs out of family and friends.

This is possibly one of the simplest standing halloween props ever, but decently sized, as the one I made is about 5 and a half feet tall.


Enough PVC or generic plastic pipes to make the simple frame (as will be shown), an old long-sleeve button-up shirt, a pair of skeleton hands, a skull, a pair of old shoes, and a pair of pants that have elastic tighteners in them

Step 1: The Frame

The only note to make here is that the small extrusions at the neck and on the sides are necessary for attaching pieces.

Step 2: The Legs

Slide the pants on and hook the elastic tighteners around the things sticking out of the sides. Place shoes on top of the "feet" to balance him/her.

Step 3: The Torso and Head

Slip the thumbs of the hands through their respective sleeves as shown, then slide the shirt on top of the frame. Carefully set the skull atop the frame and you're done!

On the subject of stability, as long as no one pushes him or falls onto him, he's fine.

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