Introduction: Crepe Paper Rose

Roses are sweet-smelling, gorgeous, and bound to lift your spirits, so why not make a pretty rose out of Crepe Paper to give to your loved ones or even as a gift to yourself?

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple and not too time-consuming rose, so simple that even children can make it.


- Green crepe paper

- Pink crepe paper (or any other color you want your rose to be)

- A wooden dowel

- Aluminium foil

- Green paper tape

- Green thread (or any color you have on hand)

- Very thin craft wire

- Hot glue gun

Step 1: Making the Petals

First, cut out your pink crepe paper into 14 squares: 4 small squares roughly 7 cm in length and width, 6 medium squares rouhly 9 cm in width and height, and 4 large squares roughly 11 cm in with and length.

(If you would like your rose to have more petals, you can cut out some additional ones of your preferred sizes.)

Next, fold your squares in half and cut them as shown in the picture.

Then you unfold the paper and place your thumbs in the middle and stretch it out as shown in the picture.

Curl the top of the petal on the right and the left outwards around the skewer as shown in the picture. Do NOT curl the middle top of the petal.

Step 2: Adding the Petals to the Dowel

Roll a piece of aluminium foil into a ball and poke the skewer into it as shown above. You can use hot glue to help it to stay on better.

Take your smallest square that you have cut out and cover the aluminium ball with it. Fasten the square in place using the thread to tie it fast as shown in the picture. Be sure to tie it VERY tight.

Then, take your smallest petal and curl it around the ball to make a swirl as shown above. Tie it it place just like the one underneath it. Place the remaining petals from smallest to largest around the middle part tying the string very tightly at the bottom of each petal.

Use the hot glue gun to glue the last piece of string in place so it doesn't fall off the dowel.

Step 3: Making the Stem

Wrap the green tape around the stem (if the tape wont stick well, you can use the hot glue gun).

Step 4: Making the Leaves

To make the leaves, you will need to cut out three squares of green crepe paper, 8 cm in width and length. Cut each square into two triangles. Make a line of hot glue at the side of the triangle and place the metal wire on it. Then make a line of hot glue on the wire and place the other triangle on top of it, resulting in a diamond shape. After that, cut the diamond shape into a leaf shape and cut two dents on each side to better resemble a leaf as shown on the picture. Wrap the exposed wire with green tape.

Hot glue the three leaves together and wrap the paper tape around all three stems to make it into one. Attach the bundle of leaves to the main stem.

(Make sure the lines on the crepe paper are going outwards like on a leaf and not the opposite way!)

Cut a rectangle out of the green crepe paper, 11 cm in width and 6 cm tall. Fold it in half and take the end and fold it in half backwards. Flip the paper and do the same on the other side as shown in the picture. Cut the paper as shown in the picture. unfold the rectangle and twist the tops of the leaves as shown in the picture. Now wrap it right under the petals on the dowels with hot glue.

Now wrap the whole stem with green tape and you're done! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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