Introduction: Criminal Batch Game!

This is game for when bored, or even at school in your Technology class. So I made this little game and its pretty nice! You are a criminal robbing a bank, and you will go through a FAKE process of what a bank robbery would be. I do not SUGGEST doing this in real life.

Step 1: Donwloading

First install the installer... Now run the BankRobbery.exe, now the Crimes.exe is a program that will the Bankrobbery.exe for a cool little icon if you want to do that go onto the next step!

Step 2: Crimes.exe (Icon Installation)

So you want to have an icon? Make a folder on your desktop named "MichaelSoft". Now put in the "BankRobbery.exe" in it. Now run crimes.exe and your done!

I know this is confusing, and I could of made it far more simple.... but im lazy.

Step 3: Have Fun

Bye!! Thanks for downloading and HAVE FUN