Introduction: Dodge Batch Game [Colors]

Hello again, today I'm showing you a new batch game I created! Its name is dodge and unlike other batch games, it will save your points. Game play wise you will need a functional W,A,S and D key to play! So you are a dot and other dots are spawning rapidly around you. Your goal is to dodge all the dots or objects. Sometimes the screen will reset it self, and that's because I have to store every object in a different variable and I'm to lazy to do that about 1000 times to fill the screen, so it will reset. Yes I know bugs and glitches exist, they always exist. If you happen to encounter a bug command below.

Step 1: Downloading and Saving

To download this above or under you should see "Dodge.exe" just download and run! If you want to save just create a "Dodge.txt" in the same directory. And if you want to hack the game, input any number of points into "Dodge.txt". The game will save after every game. And the game will load the data when it is booting up!

Step 2: Store

Now that you can save points, why not add a store. Their are 4 items in the store (the 5th isn't working and i'm been working on this for like a month) You can:

A. Change Color (Dark Color) [100 Points]

B. Change Color (Light Color) [200 Points]

C. Avatar Change (Does nothing) [300 Points]

D. Name Change [400 Points]