Introduction: Crispy Crunchy Potato Chips in the Microwave

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In this episode of In the Kitchen with Matt, I will show you who to make Crispy Crunch potato ships, using the microwave! You can click on the picture below to view the video, or follow along with the simple steps, or do both.

Print the recipe here if you like.


  • Potatoes
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Favorite toppings (garlic powder, etc.)
  • Cooking spray


  • Mandolin Slicer - you can find it here. (or you can just use a knife to cut the potatoes thin)

Step 1: Wash the Potatoes

First let's wash our potatoes.

Step 2: Slice the Potatoes

Now we want to slice our potatoes really thin. A Mandolin slicer works really well for this. You can use a knife, but it takes much more time, and it is not that easy to get nice uniform slices.

Step 3: Spray the Plate

Now we need to spray our microwave safe plate with non-stick cooking spray.

Step 4: Lay Out the Potato Slices

Next, lay out the potato slices on the plate nice and flat. Then add a little bit of salt to them.

Step 5: Put Them in the Microwave

Now cook them in the microwave on hi for 2.5 to 3 minutes. Make sure to watch them, the times will probably vary a little bit, depending on how many you have on your plate, and on your microwave.

Step 6: Ready!

When they look like this they are ready to take out of the microwave.

Step 7: Serve

Now it is time to serve them! I like to add a few more dry ingredients like garlic powder to mine. I also like to grab a little bowl of ketchup and dip mine in that, however, they taste great by themselves, and, they are super duper crunchy!

Step 8: Cost Break Down

The costs will very depending on where you live. One potato for me costs about 20 cents. They would be even cheaper if your potatoes were on sale. Like during the holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas, my super market sales them for 59 cents for a 5lb bag. Do I always make these instead of buying chips? Definitely not, but they are something really fun to make, taste good, and if you have a little bit of time, and want to do something different with your potatoes. Give it a shot! :)

Step 9: Video Tutorial